Working on fleshing out the sketch of Dany I did awhile ago. Started putting some color on her and decided I’m not happy with how she’s coming along. Guess it’s quite literally back to the drawing board…

Dany Progress

So. This is what happens when I’m sick and take PM meds but can’t sleep. Random doodle of the Powerpuff Girls in Bruce Timm style as Townsville Sirens. Bit of a mashup and very rough. But kind of fun so thought I’d post.

Townsville Sirens

New issue of New Avengers inspired me today. Songbird has been one of my favorite characters since back in her Thunderbolts days.


Cm3oqWaWEAEGVaT.jpg large
Whelp… After much planning and procrastinating… My first YouTube video is live. I think I may vomit lol Seriously, you guys, I am so excited and anxious over this. I really hope you guys will like the things I have planned and will keep coming back. Please hope over to […]

Thus It Begins…

New issue of Mockingbird inspired me today. Realized I’d never drawn Bobbi Morse and couldn’t let that stand so here’s a color sketch of her in her own comic outfit. May do an Agents of SHIELD version as well…


Game of Thrones finale is on soon and I’m trying to not go nuts. Decided to focus my GoT energy into a color sketch of my girl Dany.

Danaerys Stormborn

Meant to post about this days ago… As part of my prep for YouTube, I’m going to attempt to use the SnapChat again. Here’s my info. Same as it’s always been but going to try to remember to use it now lol

I’m On Snapchat!… Again…

Decided to finally start really fleshing out some of the portraits I’ve posted over the past year or so. Here’s some progress on the Jem I posted forever ago.

Jem Progress

Sadly, the season finale of Wynonna Earp is on tonight on SyFy… I thought Nicole Haught looked even more gorgeous than normal last week so I decided to draw her today.

Officer Haught

Or The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly of Netflix’s Voltron Reboot If you are like me, then you like hearing what others think about shows, movies, comics, books, etc. Sometimes before you watch to see if it’s worth your time, sometimes after you watch to see what you might […]

Voltron: Legendary Defender Quicklist

I was finally able to catch up on Wynonna Earp before the new episode tomorrow and it put me in the mood to draw. So, here’s Wynonna’s younger sister Waverly.

Waverly Earp

Felt bad about missing ‪#‎mermay‬ and hit a couple goal numbers as far as followers so thought I’d do something a little special… So. Here’s a rough color sketch of one of my all time favorite mermaids Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid

Back to sketching today. Decided to go with a childhood favorite for subject matter. Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn.

Lady Amalthea

Dose of Geek
It’s the first Friday in June and as promised I am starting some new practices here on my blog. One of those is bringing back my Dose of Geek. A little bit different than it used to be as it will not be daily as before. More of a combo […]

Friday Dose of Geek 6.3.16

Or The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly of FOX’s Newest X-Men Movie If you are like me, then you like hearing what others think about shows, movies, comics, books, etc. Sometimes before you watch to see if it’s worth your time, sometimes after you watch to see what you […]

X-Men: Apocalypse Quicklist

With the Agents of SHIELD finale tonight thought I would do a sketch of Skye… Er Quake… Wait, they call her Daisy on the show. She’ll always be Skye in my head though lol  She came out looking a little more like May than Daisy unfortunately… Need more practice….

Daisy Johnson

I wasn’t happy with my sketch of Mykie from the other day so I decided to rework it today.  Much happier with it now.

Mykie Ver 2.0

So, I’ve been a fan of the Wynonna Earp comic and was a little scared at first to watch the new show on SyFy.  I can happily report that I love it.  It’s not without it’s faults but I really like the way they have taken the rather absurd premise […]

Wynonna Earp